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T.W. Truth Prevails 2015 CWHBA bay filly by Centim.

"Dot" is very self assured and is boss mare of her group. Her nickname "Dot" comes from the small black dot on her nose which she loves having kissed.  She demonstrates above average movement and her current trainability has us excited about her future.

Her two big brothers T.W. Farmboy and T.W. Onstar are now stateside being developed has three day event horses.

T.W Truth Prevails is in foal for 2021 by Parcival.

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T.W. Truth Prevails
T.W. Truth Prevails
T.W. Truth Previals T.W. Truth Previals
T.W. Truth Previals

T.W. Truth Prevails

Centim Cassilius Cassini
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